What does health insurance give you? It gives you stability, safety, and security. It gives you access to a doctor when you need one and regular preventive checkups that keep you and your family healthy.

Blue Cross is a provider of health insurance nationwide. It has 37 companies across the United States and on average provides the greatest variety of plans. Blue Cross provides subsidy-eligible plans as well as standard ones. You can filter the factors that apply to you and select three to compare side by side. Side by side comparisons show the specifics of each plan as well as the costs and benefits.

Health Plans

With Blue Cross it’s easy to add vision, dental as well as other types of insurance.  Blue Cross emphasizes wellness for it’s of its patrons with the 360- Health program. It offers support and information for dealing with health issues specific to you.  You have access to nurses who will coach you as well as aid you in managing things like weight loss, birth defects, diabetes and more. Additionally, Blue Cross offers international coverage for traveling abroad. Its specific policies include coverage for evacuation should you need to be brought to the U.S for care.

When shopping for a health plan for the first time, it is sort of like holiday shopping. There are a variety of plans to choose from. What you choose will depend on your budget and your expected yearly expenses for healthcare. The option with the lowest monthly payment is very appealing, but you may end paying high out of pocket costs when you utilize services.