Regardless of whether you have Medicare Part A or Part B, there will inevitably be gaps in your coverage, and over time, this could lead to costly medical bills. The whole point of insurance is to keep you healthy and save you money on your medical expenses. If your Medicare is not doing this, you may need supplemental medical insurance of some kind. However, you really need to find more information from an authorized agent to help you find the best type. As this type of coverage is only available from private insurance companies, there will be differences among policies – they will not be universal.

Medical insurance plans are intended to save you money on health expenses. However, the policy information and even edibility requirements for all forms of insurance can be extremely detailed and confusing. You would be wise to contact an authorized insurance agent who can work with any existing plans, or help you improve your coverage and save money on premiums and deductibles. While it is possible for you to sign up for insurance without an agent, it is not advisable, simply because you may be missing opportunities for better coverage when you do it alone. Let an agent help you to better physical and financial health.