Health insurance can be tricky

Selecting the right health insurance plan can be difficult especially as a first timer. On top of that, health care in Florida can be very expensive. When getting an insurance plan there are some things you need to consider to ensure that you get the right plan that will meet your needs. In order to answer the question of which plan to use, here are some of the things to consider in order to choose the right plan:

How to choose the right plan

  • Coverage of the plan

You need to consider how much the health insurance plan will cover. Think of this as the situations that will allow you to put your premium into good use. Make sure that the plan you buy at least covers things like emergency services, laboratory tests, outpatient care and paediatric services to name but a few. Your plan should cover as much as possible to help you cover the expensive medical bills that could come bout from your sickness.

  • Cost of the plan

There is so much that needs to be thought about here. The cost is divided into the monthly premiums you pay and the out of pocket expenses that are not covered by the insurance firm. These expenses include deductibles, co pay/co insurance and maximum out of pocket limit. You need to consider all this to see if it fits with your budget or current financial situation. These plans are normally divided into tiers to make it easier for you. There is the bronze, silver, gold and Platinum tiers. Go through them and pick the one that meets your needs and budget.

  • The doctors and Hospitals included with the plan

The insurance company normally gets some doctors and hospitals signed up to them or to put it correctly they have made arrangements with them.  If you have a preference for a certain hospital or a certain doctor, then check to see if they are also part of the plan. If they aren’t part of the network, you might be made to pay for their service, which might be expensive for some. For instance, if you choose Florida blue, check to see their network of hospitals and doctors. Check if your preferred doctor/hospital is in the list or if they have an arrangement in your local area.


The health insurance plan in Florida you choose will determine how good of a service you get. Be sure to consider the factors above when selecting your insurance plan. It might make your life that whole lot easier.