47-1Group health insurance Florida coverage usually come with benefits that may not be available in an individual plan. They are meant for groups such as employees and their dependents, meaning that they are sought after by employers for their employees.

Eligibility for group plans

Under the Federal law, the small employers have a group guarantee coverage should they decide to purchase it. A small employer is a business that has between 2 and 50 employees working full time. Owners are also regarded as employees, meaning that sole proprietors and partners without employees are also eligible. In some states, self-employed persons are referred to as “groups of 1” and are also eligible for coverage.

47Where to find group coverage

Lowest rate group health insurance covers can be found online from providers such as Florida Blue. Most of these insurance companies offer group health insurance plans with attractive features. This can make the process of finding the most suitable one for your employees a little daunting. Hence when searching for a suitable provider, you might want to consider some of these things:

  • Policies that may not only cover boarding costs but also surgeon, consultant and anesthetist fees.
  • Provide cashless facility as well as direct bills settlement.
  • Coverage of pre as well as post hospitalization costs for a specified period of time.
  • Some policies can also provide maternity benefits.
  • Extended policy cover for certain critical illnesses above the hospitalization benefits.
  • Some policies may also include pre-existing disease coverage after extra premium payment.
  • Coverage for domiciliary expenses.
  • Some optional benefits to check out for include 1st year exclusions apart from reimbursement of certain charges such as ambulance costs and waiver of the waiting period among others.

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