5..To benefit from insurance coverage, an individual has to enroll for insurance with a health insurance company. The health insurance marketplace is made up of several private health insurance companies that an individual can enroll with. During this enrolment, the individual will have to select an insurance plan, which will guide the individual on what medical expenses are covered by the insurance plan and the individual can get an idea of the insurance plans that are not covered by the plan. There are several ways to enroll for insurance in the health insurance Florida marketplace as explained below.

Through mail

It is possible for individuals to write an application letter on paper and send through mail to insurance companies. The insurance companies will vet the application letter and send back a reply to the individual within 2 weeks with their insurance eligibility and what other steps they need to take to complete the application. It is also possible to send the application letter to the insurance organization such as blue cross blue shield Florida through e-mail.

With In-Person Help

It is possible to visit insurance companies to fill forms as they have dedicated persons who guide their clients with filling the form. Furthermore, there are brokers, agents, assisters and navigators that also have offices in communities who also guide people with filling their form. These individuals can also answer any questions the individuals can have.

By phone

Another option for enrolling in the health insurance marketplace is by calling the customer service of the health insurance company. A customer service representative will assist the individual in filling their application. They would also be able to check the eligibility of the individual, help them in reviewing their choices as well as enroll them for an insurance coverage.


Individuals can visit the website of health insurance companies to enroll for health insurance. The individual will have to navigate to the page for insurance enrolment and fill the form. The individual will get a mail within a short while to confirm their eligibility as well as the status of their enrolment in the health insurance scheme.