43-1You’ve sent your health insurance Florida application and even paid your first premium. Now you are covered! Maybe or maybe not. The determining factor is the start date of the insurance coverage, also referred to as the effective date.

What’s an effective date?

This is simply the date that your health insurance provider will begin to offer coverage of your medical care expenses. And in most cases, before that date, you won’t get any assistance since the effective date is not immediate. As a matter of fact, the effective date of your coverage could possibly be in a month’s time depending on the time you signed up for the policy.

Effective date in details

The day that your policy starts being effective will depend on the half of the month that you purchased the plan. If you purchase a plan between the 1st and 15th of a month and make payment of the premium by the date due, your plan will become effective in the first day on the following month. For instance, if bought your policy on 2snd September from providers such as Blue Cross Florida, your effective date will be 1st October.

If you made a purchase between 16th and end month, you are obliged to skip and entire month. That means that your coverage will become effective on the 1st day after skipping the month following the month that you made the payments. For instance, if you signed up on say 17th of September, your coverage becomes effective as from 1st November.

43Are there exceptions?

Yup, there are two conditions where an exception to the above descriptions apply. First, if you have obtained a baby, whether through birth, placement or adoption, any plan you purchase will become effective from the birth date of the child, or the date you become their legal guardian.

A second exception is when you are forced to switch to another insurance plan because you are recently married or lost your job. The provider must offer coverage right from the first day of the following month, regardless of when you enrolled.

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