Medicare is a health insurance plan run by the federal government. It pays for several health care costs and is administered by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) which is a separation of the Health Department & Human Services. Services are offered to senior citizens that are 65 and over.  Additionally adults with qualifying medical conditions or everlasting debilities may also qualify.

There are 4 parts to Medicare, Part A, part B, Part C, and Part D. Parts A and B are usually referred to as Original Medicare. Medicare Part C is referred to as Medicare Advantage and Medical Part D offers coverage for prescriptions.

  • Part A is hospital insurance and covers inpatient hospital care, limited time in a nursing care ability, some health care services provided at home and hospice. Usually the full amount of the hospital bill is not covered. You will have to cover part of the cost as well as pay a deductible earlier Medicare assistances begin. Medicare will then pay all of the costs for up to 60 days in a hospital or 20 days in a nursing facility.
  • Part B offers benefits that cover positive non-hospital costs such as doctor’s visits, blood tests, x-rays and patient hospital care. There is a monthly quality with Plan B.
  • Medicare Part C includes every type of the Medicare coverage all in one plan. It is offered by private insurance companies that provide Medicare benefits packages as an unconventional to Original Medicare.
  • Part D Medicare coverage is optional prescription drug coverage. It is available as its own stand-alone service via private insurance companies for various fees. If you decide you want drug prescription service you can have it through the Medicare Advantage Drug Prescription plan if one is available in your zone.

Medicare is an entitlement program, much like Social Security. Most U.S. citizens earn the right to enroll by working and paying takes for a certain required time period. If you didn’t work long enough for benefits, you may still be able to enroll however it might be at a higher cost.