The Affordable Care Act lets consumers be in charge of their health care. American people have the stability and flexibility they need so they can make informed choices about their health care.

Health plans cannot limit or deny benefits to children under 19 because of a pre-existing conditions. Young adults under age 26 may be eligible to be covered under their parent’s health plan. With the new law insurance coverage can no longer be canceled because a person made an honest mistake. Additionally, everyone now has the right to appeal a plans of denied payments.

For most new insurance plans, annual and lifetime limits are banned on almost all beneifits you receive. Prior to this health care act, many health care plans set a lifetime limit. They had a dollar amount limit on what they would spend on you for your covered benefits durint the time you were enrolled in the plan. After reaching those limits, you would be required to pay the cost of all care you received. Many health care plans also set an annual limit on what they would spend per year for your covered benefits. Any care exceeding this limit would have to be paid by you. This practice is also now banned.

Insurance companies must now justify any unreasonable rate increases. Your money must now be spent primarily on health care and not administrative costs.

Preventative health care is provided at no cost to the consumer and with no copayment and you can pick your choice of a primary care doctor from your plans network of doctors. This means when you get an annual physical, because it is considered preventative medicine, there is no charge to you. The barrier to emergency services has been removed and you are now able to seek emergency care at a hospital that is outside your health plan’s network.

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