Health insurance carriers are for profit entities that, first and foremost, work to ensure that their business is cost effective. While many carriers do care about their policy holders, their main concern is to make sure they remain solvent. This generally translates into an increase in health insurance premiums for many of their clients, especially if the customer has been submitting quite a few claims of recent. Unfortunately, most people are working with a tight or small budget these days and can’t afford to pay more for their medical insurance. If this sounds like your situation, there are a few ideas you can do to try to lower your health insurance premiums.

When your insurance carrier notifies you that they are increasing your health insurance premiums, ask them why the increase. Most of the time, it may relate to the number of medical claims that have been submitted on your behalf. Other times, it may be because of a change in health habits or health conditions that change your risk profile. For example, if you were diagnosed by your primary physician to be overweight or to have developed unhealthy habits such as using tobacco. Health insurance companies understand that these things increase the likelihood that you will have an increased need for medical care, possibly in the near future and are charging you in view of that.

Once you find out the motive behind the increase of premiums, talk to them about what you can do to lower your rate. If it is the result of an increased risk profile, ask whether losing weight or quitting tobacco use will reduce your health insurance quotes. Most times it will and it can be a significant saving. Others whose increase has nothing to do with their health may need to try a different tactic. If you have been with the company for a quite a while, point that out and try to negotiate a lower rate. Let them know that you have been shopping around to other insurance companies and can secure a better rate with another company. Because it is so expensive to attract new applicants, they may lower your health insurance premiums to keep you as a valued customer.

If they refuse to negotiate, then you will want to shop around. You came to a prefect place for that. In fact, you should probably do this before you call your insurance carrier because they may want to see the health insurance premiums other companies are offering you. Use an online quote website like this one. Call us today and talk to a qualified insurance agent for assistance in getting quotes from other companies. Just because your premiums go up doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. Use all of the tools to get the best price on your individual family plan. Call Today 866-396-9140

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