dae-gWhen people apply for a health insurance, especially for the Prescription Drug Plan, they want to know about the prescriptions it covers. If you are wondering what your prescription drug plan from Florida Blue would cover, this post contains the answer. So read on to find out!

Every prescription drug plan has a list of drugs it covers, which is known as formulary. This list of drug is the prescription drug plan’s list of drugs. Most prescription drug plans divide the drugs into a diverse group based on their formularies. Every drug in a group has its own separate cost. So the costs of the drugs are not the same. A drug which is in the lower group would not cost as much as a drug that is in the higher group. There are some times when your prescriber may feel that you need a drug that is in the higher group. In this situation, either your prescriber or you could demand for an exception to receive a lower co-payment.

Medicare drug plan could make changes to the formulary during the period that is within the guidelines created by Medicare. In a situation where the change involves drug(s) being taken by you at that moment, your plan would have to do one among these two options:

  1. Make a written notice to you for at least sixty days prior to the day the change would commence
  2. During the period that you demand for a refill, your plan would provide a written notice of the change and also a supply of the drug for sixty days under the same plan rules that existed before the change had occurred.

As you can see, people often ask whether the prescriptions that their prescription drug plan covers can provide the optimum benefits possible in order to have a stress-free life.