asasWhen you want to enroll in any health insurance company, they would ask you to fill some details and provide certain information about you. They could also ask you to provide the details of your family, friends and the closed ones. This is a procedure which you have to pass through before  fully enrolling in a health insurance plan provided by any health insurance company. The reason why health insurance companies do this is because they need to get the basic information of the subscribers to provide optimum services. In terms of enrolling into a health insurance company, the phone number of the subscriber is always asked to provide. So the question is, what is the phone number to enroll in health insurance?


Basically, the health insurance companies would ask you to drop your phone number or email address. They may also ask you to drop both. When you want to have a health insurance Florida, it is best for you to drop your phone number. This is necessary because it would be easier for the health insurance company to contact and reach you. In case you provide the number of a family member or a friend, it might be difficult for the health insurance company to pass the first-hand information to you. Your family member or your friend cannot be with you all the time. What if the health insurance company wants to pass an urgent message but the family member or the friend to be contacted is not available? In order to ensure that you get the information on time, most health insurance providers would ask you to drop both your personal number and your email address. Hence, if you are unable to be reached via phone, they would contact via email.