If you are searching for a health insurance Florida plan from a provider, you are probably aware that the cost of your healthcare is shared between you and the provider. However, did you know that there is a limit on what you are expected to pay? It is what is referred to as out-of-pocket maximum.

How it works

This maximum is the highest amount of money that you should pay during the policy period, usually in one year, for your healthcare services. Once you have attained your maximum out-of-pocket limit, your provider will begin to pay 100% of the amount allowed by the policy for the services covered. Some of the top policy providers in Florida include Florida Blue

All the amount of money you pay towards the copays, deductibles and coinsurance go into the out-of-pocket maximum. Those that have plans for a family have a higher out-of-pocket max. But every single copay, coinsurance and deductible payment made for each individual will add up to the max.

Out-of-pocket maximum usually works on a different approach when it comes to dental coverage. They usually apply to the members enrolled in the plan with 19 years or below.

The limit

Your monthly premium payments are usually not part of your out-of-pocket limit. It also does not include other payments made that are not included in your policy. The maximum limit for out-of-pocket limit for any marketplace in 2016 is $6,850. This amount is for an individual plan. The limit for a family is $13,700.

Say for instance, you require a surgery with $20,000 as allowable costs and $1,300 applies for your deductibles while coinsurance is 20% on remaining cost ($18,700), then your out-of-pocket maximum will be $4,400. Your insurance issuer will pay for all costs above $4,400 for the rest of the year.

Generally, lower premium plans have higher out-of-pocket maximum limits while higher premium plans have lower maximums.

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