48-1Seekers of health insurance Florida policies often try as much to find the best policies for themselves as well as loved ones. There are different medical insurance policies available today, and the best one varies tremendously with regard to the coverage level you need, your location and budget. As a matter of fact, your location may limit your choices severely.

Under the Federal Law, the open enrollment into a health coverage for the year 2016 started on November 1st, 2015 and closed on January 31st, 2016. If planning to enroll now, then you must have a special qualifying event, like having a child or getting married.

Understand the available plans

If you are located in an area that has limited choices or the preferred issuers are more expensive, it is still possible to find a plan that will work for your case, regardless of the provider.  To achieve that, you must understand the types of policies available out there, the kind of coverage already included in the major insurance plans as well as if you have any special considerations which may affect your choice. Some of the top providers in Florida include Blue Shield and Blue Cross Florida.

If your main driving force behind your choice is budget, then you need to know how you can find an affordable health insurance. But one important factor is considering the type of plan that will suit your needs most.

48Short term plans

Short term health insurance plans are stopgap plans that are meant to provide cover against health disasters that are catastrophic, maybe when changing jobs or maybe when shopping outside the open enrollment. They are not major plans and are inexpensive, though they are likely to have high deductibles.

The advantage of the short term plans is that they are the cheapest available when it is not open enrollment. However, you should beware that these plans have a cap on the benefits provided. It is the best medical health insurance cover available today if you missed the open enrollment.

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