Everyone gets sick every now and again. Some get deathly ill while others will get a seasonal cold or two. We can suffer through a cold but what do we do if we get really sick? Health insurance is coverage that helps pay for the cost of medical care. I don’t think any of us could foot the bill right out of pocket.

Healthcare cost money. Lots of money. Especially if something tragic were to happen. Health insurance can help defray that cost and is attainable through private insurance companies, government agencies or a not-for-profit group. Rather than fork out thousands of dollars for medical tests or hundreds of dollars for medication, the consumer only pays a deductible. The deductible is an amount agreed upon between the insurer and the consumer. For example, the consumer may have to pay 300 dollars annually before the insurance will begin to pick up and cover the cost of future medical needs.  Most plans also require a co-payment that is due at the time of the visit to the doctor. This payment can range anywhere from ten dollars per visit to 50 dollars per visit. Prescription Coverage is usually part of a medical insurance plan which means that you will only have to pay a portion of what the prescription costs.

When choosing health insurance, it is important to choose a plan that will cover your preferred doctor. If that isn’t possible, you will have to choose a new one that is covered by the network. There are exceptions to this rule, at times and for a good reason, insurance companies will allow you to go to an out of network doctor, but you will have to cover the cost of any additional fees.

Regardless of what health insurance you decide to obtain, there is a definite benefit to having it. Especially when the unexpected arrives at your doorstep.