Receiving Health Insurance Quotes from us is rather easy. Simply call us so that we can explain the different types of insurance there are to choose from.  To begin with, you need to determine if you want basic coverage or something that covers major medical expenses.  A basic plan typically covers basic everyday medical treatments such as doctor’s visits, surgeries, hospital stays, and emergency room care.  Major medical plans cover in and out patient hospital treatment, emergency room care, x-rays, prescriptions, mental health services, laboratory testing, and dental care.  Typically, people with good health will only need a basic health insurance plan.

Keep in mind that a basic plan will generally cover all of your expenses but usually up to a certain amount, meaning you will have to cover any remaining balance once you reach your limit.  Major medical plans usually include a deductible and certain and coverage of certain out of pocket expenses.  The limit placed on major medical plans is almost always higher than that of a basic plan.  You may also want to consider a managed care plan such as an HMO.  HMOs are the most preferred managed care plans available so keep this in mind when requesting a health insurance quote.

Health Insurance Quotes