United HealthOne  & Cigna

As the year concludes, United HealthOne and Cigna are named as the top medical insurance carriers of 2010. Golden Rule Insurance Company is the underwriting service for United Healthcare and United Health One, and offers a variety of individual family plan for consumers. Cigna is a company in and of themselves that offers healthcare solutions to employers of all sizes for their employees. Cigna has large accounts such as Disney and Fedex.  Both of these insurance companies have upstanding reputations within the healthcare industry and have been around for many years. They provide the best in customer service, plans to meet the needs of every customer, and so many great benefits that keep people coming back to them year after year, not to mention their affordable health insurance premiums.

Cigna has a commitment to help employers with managing healthcare costs and to help consumers be informed about health and benefits. They also pride themselves on giving back to the community, which is a great asset to have in any company. Health insurance isn’t all about health insurance premiums and deductibles at Cigna. Instead, it is about helping people to help themselves, and giving the most that they have to help consumers better understand health insurance in hopes that they’ll feel more apt to getting that insurance if they understand it better.

United HealthOne Insurance Company has many different divisions and insurance offerings for both individuals and families. They have a variety of health insurance options including co pay plans, high deductible health plan, and health savings accounts for people who are eligible. Both carriers also have senior health plans for folks over age 65. The company has a mission to help people help themselves, and they are not just about selling health insurance. Many insurance companies strive to be this good at what they do, but very few actually succeed. Companies like United HealthOne only become so highly rated because they work so hard to build their reputation and serve their customers. For them, it’s more about the consumer and less about the actual health insurance.

So what does it take to be a top insurance carrier like Cigna and United HealthOne? Well it takes a commitment to excellence, a drive to succeed, and the best customer service that you can find. These companies both pride themselves on their service first and insurance second, which is how they got to where they are today. With their offerings for employers and individuals, they are able to serve the needs of just about everyone.

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