Life in general gets difficult when you have a lot of stress.  For people with diabetes stress may actually become dangerous to their health.  Medical Insurance is something that everyone with diabetes, especially, should have.  And, not having medical insurance would add a lot of stress all on its own for diabetics.

Keeping Medical Insurance can get tricky for diabetics.  Let’s say that you have your Medical Insurance with your employer in a group Medical Insurance plan.  For whatever reason you are no longer employed.  Not only have you lost your job but you have lost your medical insurance.  You have a few options.  One option is to take the Cobra medical insurance from your employer.  Cobra is basically an extension of your group medical insurance.  Same benefits, same deductibles, same doctor co-pays.  The big difference will be in the monthly premium.  Depending on what state you live in your employer, by law, must pay a certain portion of your medical insurance premium. In Florida, for example, the employer must pay at least 50% of the medical insurance premium.  If you elect to keep the Cobra insurance you will pay your portion and the employer’s portion plus a 2% administration fee.  Mathematically speaking if you currently pay $200 a month for your medical insurance premium with Cobra will be paying about $408 per month for medical insurance.

Your second option is not the most ideal option but it is an option.  For some people who are unemployed without a steady paycheck coming in every month, $408 a month for medical insurance is not feasible.  BlueCross/BlueShield has a wonderful little medical insurance plan called GoBlue.  It covers doctor’s visits which are so vital for diabetics, it will pay $15 towards any prescription, and it offers free lab work.  GoBlue has an average price of about $40 per month.  It is not major medical insurance.  Once you have had your GoBlue plan for 6 months and no other major medical insurance you may apply for a government plan.  The plan is major medical insurance and is designed for people who cannot qualify for major medical insurance. The plan is priced based on your age and state.  A resident of Florida that is between the ages of 19 and 34 would pay a Health Insurance Premiums of $176 and all pre-existing conditions would be covered. is reporting that the American Diabetes Association
is saying the possible impact of stress on diabetes management include the risks of:

• A sudden, dramatic rise in blood glucose levels.
• Strong negative emotions.
• Difficulty making decisions or thinking clearly
• Compulsive eating or making unhealthy food choices.
• Significant strain on the heart and circulatory system.

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