Blue cross Blue Shield is accepted by 90% of doctors and specialists in all 50 states and cover more than 105 million Americans and 96% of clinics. 92% of all professional providers have contracts with Blue Cross Blue Shield. It is an Association of 36 independent and community based companies that are locally operated.


  • The nation’s oldest family of companies providing health care.
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield cover more than 5.3 million federal government workers, dependents and pensioners.
  • Since 1965 Blue Cross and Blue Shield have worked with the national government to process both Medicare and pay-for-service payments and claims.
  • 1 in 3 Americans use Blue Cross and Blue Shield and rely on the company for access to affordable and safe and quality healthcare.

Power of Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Generations of Americans have used and trusted Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies to provide excellent health care and insurance for them and for their families. With 36 independent Clue Cross Blue Shield companies that are locally operated, affordable and quality insurance coverage is available regardless of where they live.

By providing variety of resources blue Cross Blue Shield enables living a healthier life. They provide resources to organizations, families, schools and individuals with the purpose of providing a healthier living environment for everyone.

Improving Access to Healthcare

Because Blue Cross and Blue Shield partner with health clinics in local community areas, they are able to reach a rider range of the population. Outreach programs assist the medically underserved areas and are able to serve patients of all economic and cultural backgrounds. Volunteers serve in neighborhoods organizing things like playground builds, meals to the homeless, school mentoring and blood donations to name a few.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield are leaders in healthcare innovations. They deliver quality health care to all Americans.