In a little more than a month we will all be hauling out the Bar-B-Q grills for the first celebration of the summer, Memorial Day.

That got me to thinking about some of the warnings I grew up with, like no swimming for one hour after eating.  Summer time also brings up memories of “accidents”.  Today, health plans are encouraging their clients to use Urgent Care centers rather than emergency rooms for injuries that do not involve surgery or hospitalization.  Almost all carriers are now charging a facility fee for the ER if you are not admitted into the hospital.  The facility fee, which ranges from $100-$500 and up, in addition to any deductible you may owe.  For example, let’s say you have a high deductible health plan and the deductible is $5000 with a $200 facility fee for the emergency room.  Your little boy has burned his hand on some fireworks and you take him to the emergency room.  They fix him up and your bill is $850.  You will owe the $850 plus the $200.  The $200 charge does not apply to the deductible and it will have to be paid each and every time you go to the ER and are not admitted.  The co-pay for the Urgent Care center averages around $50.  Where do you think you might go?   In that spirit, let’s take a look at some common summer myths, or facts, as the case may be.

From :

  • ”Wait a half hour after eating before you can safely go swimming” False an episode of drowning with a full stomach has never been documented.  Neither the American Academy of Pediatrics or the Red Cross recommends this.
  • ”Sunburn will fade into a tan”  False a burn is a burn and is not required for a tan.  Besides, the burn will damage your skin and you’ll look funny all red anyway.
  • ”Watermelon seed myth” False  you will not grow a watermelon in your tummy by swallowing watermelon seeds.  Period.

And now these gems from Men’s Health :

  • “Going In and Out of Air-Conditioned Buildings is Harmful”  False
  • ”If Water is Stuck in Your Ear, Stand on One Foot and Tilt Your Head” False
  • ”Campfire or Grill Smoke is Dangerous” True
  • “Dunk an Open Wound into the Sea Because Saltwater Helps Heal” False
  • ”Scratching a Bug Bite Makes It Worse” True