Why Your Premiums are Higher

Florida Medical Insurance rates are generally pretty affordable. However, when you are a smoker looking for a health care plan, you might find that you’ll pay slightly more than the average person. Since smoking is known to cause lung disease, cancer, emphysema, and other health conditions any smoker immediately increases their risk level to health insurance companies simply by having this bad habit. How does the Medical Insurance company know if you are a smoker? Well, you do have to tell them, and you should be honest.

When it comes to  Medical Insurance  risk levels, anyone who has used a tobacco product of any kind within the last 12 months is considered a ‘smoker’ for health insurance purposes. After 12 months without tobacco has passed, you can then be rated down to a non-smoker for Medical Insurance purposes. This will lower your health premiums significantly in most cases. For example, a 45 year old male in Fort Lauderdale will pay an average of $60 per month EXTRA for  Medical Insurance because he is a smoker. This is a significant difference when compared to non-smokers’  Medical Insurance  policies, but it certainly isn’t surprising.
Medical Insurance  companies are more than willing to work with people to get them insured with the coverage that they need for the most affordable price. Too many people immediately want to blame the  Medical Insurance  companies for the higher  Medical Insurance  premiums that are charged to smokers, but it is not the insurance company’s fault that you smoke. The fact that you smoke simply increases your risk to the insurance company. Therefore, to protect themselves from the huge expenses they could incur from your medical treatments as a result of smoking for a lifetime, they have to charge you a slightly higher premium than someone who is a healthy non-smoker.

You shouldn’t be discouraged from getting  Medical Insurance  just because you are a smoker. There are many affordable policies out there for smokers, and although you won’t get the lowest rates you can still get a good deal. If you truly want to lower your  Medical Insurance  rates, you need to quit smoking, and remain tobacco-free for a year or more. Then, you can seek a re-assessment of your  Medical Insurance  rates, which should cause them to drop at least a little bit. While it is easier to blame the  Medical Insurance  companies for ‘ripping you off’, they are not at fault here. Smokers and other tobacco users choose to have the habit. Therefore, they should be aware of and willing to accept the consequences of that decision, including higher  Medical Insurance  premiums.

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