The recent insurance reforms made a lot of changes, often for the better, to medical insurance and medical insurance enrollment. Insurance companies are no longer able to deny medical insurance enrollment for preexisting conditions. They also need to provide affordable medical insurance enrollment in plans that cover at least part of a number of services and conditions. Medical insurance enrollment processes also changed with the reform, though. There is now an open medical insurance enrollment period each year when customers have the option of medical insurance enrollment, renewal of existing medical insurance plans, or changes to the type of plan they have. Outside of the open medical insurance period, medical insurance is usually not available even for plans bought outside of the government insurance exchange. One exception to this is short term medical insurance enrollment.

What is short term medical insurance enrollment?

Short term medical insurance enrollment is enrollment in a medical insurance plan that usually lasts only one to six months, although in some states short term medical enrollment may be available for plans that last up to 364 days. Short term medical insurance enrollment can be a good way to fill a gap if you are changing jobs. Short term medical insurance enrollment is also the best is the best option for individuals who miss the open medical insurance enrollment window but have not experienced a life event that allows them to qualify for a special medical insurance enrollment period. Since short term medical enrollment is not regulated by the ACA, there is a chance the short term plan will not cover some of the following:

  • Preexisting conditions
  • Maternity care
  • Preventative care
  • Mental health and addiction care