The number of people living without insurance has raised dramatically in the last couple years. There are many reasons to blame for this, such as the rising cost of insurance, the rising rate of unemployment and more employers giving less benefits to their employees.

The main reason you should not live without health insurance is because it can put you in serious debt. Medical bills accumulate quickly and you will end up paying on them for the rest of your life. For some it results in bankruptcy which could have been avoided with a simple health plan. Health care can be expensive but it is a cheaper and safer plan than not having insurance at all.

It is a known fact that people who are uninsured do not receive the same type of quality care as those with insurance. The quality of the doctor doesn’t change, however you may be sent home from the emergency room rather than kept overnight as the hospital isn’t sure you would be able to pay a hospital bill.

Affordable health insurance is available but you have to look for it. There is a wide range of health plans that vary in both price and benefits. There are specific plans available for young health individuals, families, senior citizens or those with medical conditions. Many lower than 100 dollars a month. It will save you a lot of money in case medical services are needed and will give you peace of mind knowing you and your family have health care.

Health Insurance can not only prolong your life, but keep you enjoying it as well. Health Insurance encourages people to stay in good health with many routine services such as regular health physicals and annual tests. These routine services can prevent an illness from becoming serious and negatively affecting your life.

Finding good health insurance may take a little work, but it you will reap all the benefits the first time you have to use it.