You may be wondering how ObamaCare will affect you and your family. It will depend on a number of things such as whether or not you are currently insured as well as your income. Everyone must have some type of health insurance.

Health Plan shopping can only be done during open enrollment period or special enrollment period. Open enrollment for ObamaCare is from November 1, 21015 to Jan 31, 20 16. You can enroll, switch plans, or get subsidies during this time. The dates are subject to change every year and also differ by insurance type. There are a few tips and tricks you should know before enrolling that will make the most out of the enrollment period.

The only way you can get subsidized insurance is by enrolling in the health insurance marketplace.  Additionally the only way to avoid paying a fee every month for not having insurance is to make sure you obtain the minimum essential coverage and then maintain it throughout the year.

Every year during open enrollment verify your plan to avoid any auto-renewal mistakes as you want to ensure you are getting the right cost assistance. You MUST either verify your renewal or get new coverage during open enrollment each year.

If you miss open enrollment, there are still options available. Special enrollment can be applied for until open enrollement starts again. Make sure to contact the market place if you have missed the open enrollment period.