Senior Health is critical to living long and well.  Not just the health of your body but the health of your mind and spirit.  Have you ever met an elderly person who was just a grumpy old pain in the behind?  Of course you have.  I will wager that old grumpy pain in the behind was once a young grumpy pain in the behind.  Joyous senior health and joyous living are partners.  Your face can’t frown and smile at the same time.  Your heart can’t be filled with love for friends and family and also be filled with anger.

What are big contributors for happy “golden years” are the thoughts we bring with us as we age.  A positive mental attitude and can-do spirit is so important.   Angelyn Bush Latta, a clinical social worker in senior care has an article on Zest Now entitled How To Be Happy As You Grow Older!  Start Now. Here is some of what Ms. Latta has to say:

“When I’m old I want to be interesting, funny, vibrant, and spunky. I want to be healthy and attractive, meeting and greeting life as it comes, positive, at peace, deeply spiritual and an inspiration to my family.  Like everyone, I want to live independently as long as

possible, but I know that at some point I will probably need some help from family or friends, at least to supervise help.  The important thing is to visualize myself in these ways, remember role models, and plan.”  The article goes on to categorize what works, what doesn’t and what to do. For example – spirituality.  What works is a belief in God and angels, the afterlife and being at peace with your life including your regrets.  What doesn’t work is a lack of faith, believing you are utterly alone and believing existence is over at death.  Ms. Latta recommends that “If you do not have faith, ponder the mystery and wonder of the universe and nature.  Cultivate a sense of awe and a relationship with mystery.  Let go of fear.  Be open, Mediate.  If you have faith, be grateful.  Some of the other things she thinks help to improve the quality of life in later years are:  Family focus (one of my favorites is do not trade family for warm weather),  a positive attitude, being open, money (adequate income), good self care, value your legacy, and enjoying life.  Under enjoying life she has listed:

  • Having friends
  • Being a friend
  • Dancing, with partner or without
  • Music
  • Tai Chi
  • Water aerobics
  • Trying new things
  • Learning something new
  • Knowing what’s going on in the world
  • Having things you look forward to
  • Working in some capacity
  • Being productive
  • Having a hobby
  • Having a pet
  • Having a library card

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