Finally, health care benefit that doesn’t require a Senior Health plan or Medicare.  No Health Insurance Premiums to pay and no worries if Medicare does not cover it. Not that you don’t need a senior health plan, but sometimes it’s nice to know that there are some things you may do for yourself. Medicare Solutions reports that practicing “Mindfulness” can teach us to pay attention and can actually affect brain growth.  “The findings support the growing hypothesis in the scientific community: that the brain is a far more pliable system than believed even a decade ago.  In fact, the choices we make in the way we think and act affect the health and growth of our body’s most vital organ.”

Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School completed a study on brain growth and had participants doing 30 minutes of “mindfulness meditation” for eight weeks.  The study participants were given MRI’s to measure changes in the grey matter growth during the study.  In the area of the brain that controls learning and memory increased grey matter was found.

Elderly people often suffer from feelings such as depression, loneliness, rejection, helplessness and fear, mainly due to the number of ailments and diseases that ageing brings.  Practicing meditation everyday helps elderly people to connect with their spiritual selves and drawing from that spiritual self brings immense happiness.  As everyone knows, when we experience happiness, we feel better, no matter what our physical ailments are.

Meditation works by forcing your thoughts to concentrate on one single thing, like your breathing.  Your attention will begin to wander off as you concentrate on your breathing and your job is to bring your mind back so that you concentrate on your breathing again.

As you keep focusing on your breathing, your mind will stop thinking negative thoughts and you will feel a great sense of relaxation.  Over time, if you keep practicing, your mind will enter into that state of relaxation even when you are not meditating.  It has been well documented that the effects of stress can cause many physical problems.  Meditation may just lengthen your life and make you more healthy.  In a study done in 2009 it was discovered that people who meditate may have lower blood pressure.  Other studies have found links between meditation and our ability to “pay attention”.

The web site Learn To Meditate “offers many different types of techniques to create inner peace and well being.  An easy guide to the best techniques in meditation, affirmations and positive thinking. Reduce stress, worry and depression through our online free how-to-meditate site.”

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