Medicare Part D is one of the most complicated things that a lot of people face when it comes to getting their Medicare insurance in order. This specific coverage is prescription drug coverage, and is something that a lot of people need or want to invest in. However, there are rules to follow and things that you have to know about the coverage before you even think about enrolling. Take the time to get the facts about this insurance protection and determine whether it’s right for you so that you don’t screw up any of your insurance coverage.

Medicare Part D is available to anyone who is enrolled in Medicare. However, if you happen to have a Medicare Advantage Plan (private insurance), which is known as Medicare Part C, you can get kicked out for enrolling in Part D coverage if you already have prescription coverage on your private policy. Therefore, you have to make sure whether or not you have existing prescription coverage so that you don’t lose your Medigap policy. This extra insurance makes up for what Medicare coverage lacks and it is too important to risk losing over something like an oversight.

As long as you don’t have prescription coverage through your Medicare Supplemental Insurance, you should have no trouble signing up for Medicare Part D. Enrollment is limited, though, so you will have to find out when you can enroll and make sure that you do it within that window of time. Medicare Advantage plans don’t always include prescription coverage and if Medicare Part D is cheaper, you can always elect to get Medicare Supplemental Insurance without the prescription plan so that you can enroll in the federal program instead.

It all boils down to what you need and want from your Medicare coverage. Simply call us to explore all of your options, including Medicare supplemental insurance and Medicare Part D. That way, you can make the best decision about your Medicare Advantage plan and your prescription coverage alike, giving you the best of everything no matter what you have in mind. As long as you’re careful and you take your time figuring out what you’re working with, it will be very simple for you to get the coverage that you need without putting yourself at risk for losing anything. Medicare can be a bit tricky, but we can walk you through it. Just sit back and experience simplicity!

Medicare Part D