Perhaps you are just turning 65 and trying to decide if you should purchase a senior health plan. Maybe you have had Medicare for a while and did some hospital time and discovered you owed more money than you thought you would. Time to consider a senior health plan to cover the $50,397.00 in coverage that Medicare does not. Senior health plans come in 11 different varieties for 2011. All of the plans are not available in all states. Some states even have an option called Medicare Advantage.


Medicare Advantage plans are a form of senior health plan that becomes the primary payor of your healthcare. It takes place of medicare part A & part B and sometimes Medicare part D (which is for prescription medications). This type of plan is often referred to as Medicare Part C. Medicare Advantage plans are generally have the most inexpensive health insurance premiums and the simplest to understand; although it often has the highest out of pocket expense.

A licensed agent would be happy to help you choose the best coverage and plan for you and your budget.