Medicare is an insurance program run by the federal government. It is for people 65 years old or older, and for younger people with certain disabilities. It also covers people with permanent kidney failure that requires dialysis or a transplant. (ERSD) Medical is divided into parts that help to cover specific services.

Medicare Part A

Part A is the hospital insurance coverage. It covers inpatient stays in the hospital, hospice care, skilled nursing facilities, and most home health care.

Medicare Part B

Part B is the medical coverage, the portion of Medicare that covers doctor’s services, medical supplies, outpatient care and preventive services.

Medicare Part C

Part C is Medicare Advantage Plans. Private companies that contract with Medicare offer Medicare health plans to provide Part A and Part B benefits. Advantage Plans can include HMO’s, PPO’s, Private Fee-for-Service Plans, Medicare Medical Savings Plans, and /soecial Needs Plans. Those enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan will have most Medicare services covered through their plan. Prescription Coverage is covered by most Medicare Advantage Plans.

Medicare Part D

Part D is prescription drug coverage. It adds drug coverage to Original Medicare Cost Plans as well as Private-Fee-for-Service Plans and Medicare Medical Savings Account Plans. Insurance companies offer these plans as does some other private companies if they have been approved by Medicare.

Medicare care coverage can be obtained in two main ways, Original Medicare or a Medicare Advantage Plan such as an HMO or a PPO. Medicare Supplement Insurance or Medicare prescription drug coverage is considered additional.