Many Americans have paid into Medicare throughout their adult lives. As they worked, a portion of their wages were extracted to go toward Medicare coverage. Once these Americans reach the age of 65, they are eligible for Medicare insurance enrollment. Medicare insurance enrollment is not done through the same health insurance exchanges that handle Obamacare enrollment. Medicare insurance enrollment also does not need to be renewed annually. Medicare insurance enrollment rolls over from year to year unless there are changes.

How can I change my medicare insurance enrollment?

Every year, there is an open medicare insurance enrollment period similar to the Obamacare open enrollment period. During the open medicare insurance enrollement perios, you can make changes to your medicare enrollment and Medicare plan. Make sure you review our medicare enrollment every year in case there are any changes to your plan or our life situations that could affect the cost of your plan.

Things to keep in mind about Medicare insurance enrollment:

  • Medicare insurance enrollment is not free. You will be expected to pay a monthly premium and you may also have a coinsurance and a deductible for some services.
  • Medicare insurance enrollment comes in three different varieties. Medicare Part A and Part B insurance enrollment cover hospitalization and doctor visits. Medicare advantage insurance enrollment covers both of those as well, but the insurance is provided by an outside insurance company.
  • If you want coverage for prescription drugs in your medicare insurance enrollment, you will need to sign up for a standalone medicare part D plan in addition to the other medicare insurance enrollment option you choose.