Medicare Advantage plans are optional coverage for people who are eligible for traditional Medicare coverage, but they really don’t have much of an option. A lot of people assume that they can get by with basic Medicare Part A and B, but that’s not always the case. Medicare wasn’t ever planned to be an all-inclusive program. Therefore, there are a lot of gaps in coverage once you get beyond the basics. In order to protect yourself, you have to purchase Medicare supplemental coverage so that you have more coverage where you need it.

Why do you need a Medicare Advantage plan? There are plenty of reasons, and here are just a few:

-Medicare supplemental insurance coverage is going to cost money. However, unless you’ve got millions stashed away for medical bills, it’s cheaper than taking the risk of having an event that’s not covered by your existing Medicare insurance.

-There are gaps in your existing Medicare coverage. Just take a minute for us  to look at your plan. We can probably find  all kinds of events that aren’t covered and limits that you might not like. Make a list of areas where you could use or would like more coverage and you will quickly see the advantage of a Medicare supplemental insurance plan.

-Medicare Advantage plans are designed to give you peace of mind. You’re retired. Do you really want to spend your second stage of life worrying about something that might go wrong? If you have this coverage, you’ll never have to worry about anything.

-If you don’t get prescription coverage like you should with basic Medicare coverage. You can enroll in Medicare Part D or get prescription coverage through private insurance with Medicare Advantage plans. Most people don’t realize how much they spend on prescriptions until they don’t have coverage. Don’t let that happen to you.

There are as many reasons as you can think of for why you need Medicare Advantage coverage. Having that extra Medical Insurance is always going to help you get the peace of mind that you deserve so that you can actually enjoy your retirement. A lot of people avoid the topic of Medicare supplemental insurance claiming that they don’t need the coverage, but they really just don’t understand it and how to go about getting the right policy. If you give yourself a little time and call us, we will show you that it is easy to get coverage and you can gain a lot from having that protection.

Medicare Advantage