Title 18 of the Social Security Act was signed into law on July 30, 1965. That law has become better known as Medicare. When it was enacted almost half of Americans over age 65 had no Medical Insurance. Since 1965 another form of insurance has grown out of Medicare – the need for senior health plans are a new reality.

These senior health insurance policies are also regulated by the Federal Government but are offered by private insurance companies. They grew out of a need to cover some of the deductibles and co-payments required by Medicare in order to reduce the out of pocket expenses associated with today’s health care.

Senior health plans come in three different forms. Medicare Advantage, MediGap plans or Medicare Supplements and the third is often just referred to as Part D which is prescription drug coverage. Finding the right senior health plan may seem to be a little overwhelming. A licensed agent is always a good alternative to help you find the right senior health plan that fits within your budget.