Your Medical Insurance provider will love you more if you work out.  Qualifying for individual Medical Insurance will be easier if you work out.  Your height/weight ratio will be better and you will most likely have less health problems.  More important than keeping your Medical Insurance provider happy is keeping you happy.  Working out can help with that also.

One of the methods that Olympic athletes use to train is called interval training.  You can find many long and complicated explanations for interval training on the web.  I think I have found a simple way to explain the way interval training works and then you can apply the theory to your own workouts.  Interval training is used mainly to increase aerobic strength.  So whatever the activity is let’s say you are a runner, run at your maximum heart rate for about five minutes.  You would then have a “rest” period of running slowly or even walking for about three minutes.  You would repeat the maximum/rest routine for the entire workout.  Before you start a regimen like this check with your doctor.  That’s one of the advantages of having Medical Insurance.  Another advantage of having Medical Insurance would be a heart stress test.  That’s a sure fire way to find out if your heart is healthy enough for interval training.

Interval training is not for everyone and there are other ways you can make your Medical Insurance carrier happy.  And your wallet happy also.  I was listening to a radio program the other day while driving home.  A man was talking about some changes that were happening with his group Medical Insurance.  Every employee who participated in the group Medical Insurance had to go through a health assessment. The health assessment included a treadmill.  He said that if you did not do well on the treadmill and you smoked your Medical Insurance premium would be increased by $80 per week.  If group Medical Insurance is going down this road individual Medical Insurance will not be far behind. is a website devoted to healthy living and working out.  Here are some workout tips from the site:  Running or walking outside is much healthier for you than a gym.  Research found that people living in urban environments had a higher prevalence of 15 of 24 conditions with the relationship strongest for anxiety disorder and depression.  As they say “get out there”!  If you live in a big city like New York or San Francisco go to a park for your daily run or walk instead of the treadmill at the gym.

Fitting a fitness routine into a busy schedule is tough.  Not enough time is the number one reason people give for not working out.  Here are some suggestions from on how to keep you fit and healthy so that you can spend the least amount of money possible on your monthly Medical Insurance premiums:

“Wake up earlier

Cut down on media

Be an active TV watcher

Try an active commute

Make it part of your routine

Mix socializing with exercise

Turn chores into exercise

Schedule an appointment (for workouts)

Find an activity you love

Say no (prioritize activities)”

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