Winter sports are the best!  The skies are so blue and the snow is so white and you just feel good all over.  You feel invincible!  Only problem, you are not invincible.  Think you’d like to enjoy a nice ski weekend in Colorado?  Hope you have Medical Insurance in place before you pack your bags.  Here’s why, courtesy of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons:

  • 139,332 injuries from snow skiing
  • 164,002 injuries from snow boarding
  • 133,551 injuries from ice skating
  • 53,273 injuries from ice hockey
  • 160,020 injuries from sledding, snow tubing, and tobogganing
  • 34,562 injuries from snowmobiling

Now you know why you can never get a hold of Uncle Ted who happens to be an orthopedic surgeon in Colorado.  Those stats should also give you a little hint as to why you should never participate in winter sports without Medical Insurance.  If you are participating in your winter passion outside of your home Medical Insurance network, there are some things you should know.  Do you have a Medical Insurance policy and the carrier only operates in your state?  You may have a problem.  You will be able to get treatment for that broken leg but it most likely will be consid ered out-of-network. What does that mean for your pocketbook?  You’d have to look at your Medical Insurance policy but let’s just do a for instance.  Let’s say your out-of-network deductible is $10,000.   That’s how much you will owe before your Medical Insurance pays anything.  Your policy says you are not covered out-of-network?  Then, that’s exactly what it means.

Let’s do another for instance.  You are happily buzzing down the mountain on a toboggan when it suddenly crashes into a tree.  You have a nationally known insurance carrier that has networks in all 50 states.  When the toboggan crashed into the tree, your ankle didn’t look right, you couldn’t really walk on it and you were in a lot of pain.  Your friends cart you off to the local ER.  The ER doctor takes x-rays, and announces that you have a sprained ankle.  He’s going to put a cast on it and off you go.  The surprise is waiting for you when you get home.  Your Medical Insurance policy says you have a facility fee in the ER of $800 if you are not admitted nor have surgery.  That’s on top of your deductible and co-insurance.  Solution?  Buy a Medical Insurance policy that has a co-pay for the ER.

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