People probably garden for a whole bunch of different reasons.  I would bet that one reason would be because it’s relaxing.  The relaxing part is really true because gardens are also relaxing to look at, beautiful, soothing and peaceful.  In order to be as happy and healthy as we can be we humans must learn to take care of our physical and emotional health.  Medical Insurance is here for the physical part but what about emotional health?

Our bodies and our minds are not separate entities.  They are closely linked and what affects one affects the other.  Ever heard the expression “she died of a broken heart?”  Your mind can create stress on your body all by itself.  The good news is that many emotional and behavioral issues can be dealt with by using your Medical Insurance.  Yes! Medical Insurance.  Your Medical Insurance will offer you doctor co-pays for medical doctor.  If you need prescriptions to get better…. bingo Medical Insurance to the rescue again.  Lots of Medical Insurance plans allow you to see health care providers and get prescriptions filled without meeting the deductible.

Are you stressed is not a question on an application for Medical Insurance, perhaps it should be.  Scientists have found links between stress, physi cal illness, interpersonal stress, bad feelings between family members for instance, is a blueprint for poor health.  There is a very strong link between psychological stress and heart disease. There is a lot of data that shows that people that have catastrophic things happen to them are at an increased risk for cardiac problems.  Big natural disasters like earthquakes bring with them a big spike in people dying of sudden cardiac death.  When applying for Medical Insurance maybe one of the questions should be “have you recently been through a hurricane?”  Just like you have to wait to get test results back before applying for Medical Insurance you might have to wait a few weeks to see how you cope with a natural disaster before applying for Medical Insurance.

Surfing around the web you don’t see a lot of health care providers that offer whole body care. Certainly, if you check out the providers that take your Medical Insurance I don’t think you will find any that claim whole body care.  Maybe one day we will see them though.  A place where not just your physical body is treated but your spirit and your mind are also cared for.  I did see one site that claimed to heal from the “inside out”.  Judging from their address it looked like they were in Colorado.  The site is  and it looks like they have some great ideas.  Check it out.

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