Magazines, books, TV, radio, billboards, Medical Insurance providers… everywhere you look there are tips, suggestions and even warnings about living a healthy lifestyle.  What should a person do exactly to be healthy and, as a result of that healthy lifestyle, feel good?  Maybe an even better question would be “what exactly does a healthy lifestyle do for me?”

One of the biggest payoffs of a healthy lifestyle is the obvious – you feel good.  You are able to purchase Medical Insurance at the best rates available.  That Medical Insurance will encourage you to get a check up every year at no cost to you.  When you get that check up your height and weight will be recorded so that you will know if you are at a healthy weight for your height. Your blood pressure will be taken.  Your doctor will be able to determine if your blood pressure is ok or if you need medication.  If you need medication, your Medical Insurance will usually provide you with a co-pay for the prescription.  Many doctors can check your heart today right in their own office with an EKG.  Your Medical Insurance will cover that for you also.  While you are at the doctors for a well care visit he/ she will ask you if you are experiencing any problems with your health.  If it is determined that you should have some testing done or see a specialist your Medical Insurance will help with the financial end of that also.  Your Medical Insurance is there to see if you are healthy, to fix what may need fixing, and to see that you remain healthy with preventive care.

The rest of what is needed for a healthy lifestyle is up to you. a web site about living a healthy lifestyle says “A healthy lifestyle is one that focuses on maintaining a normal weight, provides defenses against disease, enhances energy levels, and offers regular opportunities for stress reduction activities.  In other words a healthy lifestyle is one that creates a sense of balance and harmony in life so you are able to meet the many challenges.”

There are some Medical Insurance providers that offer discounts on gym memberships and offer up web sites to encourage a healthy lifestyle.  The web sites have tips on dieting, healthy eating, exercise tips and relaxation techniques.  When comparing health insurance quotes be sure to ask your broker to let you know if any of the Medical Insurance plans you are considering offer healthy lifestyle discounts.

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