Cardiology aisle four.  Flu shots right behind the bread on aisle two.  How would you feel about getting your Pap smear and mammogram at Walmart?  Would they still be able to say “Lowest price. Always”?  Do you always want your Medical Insurance to send you to the provider with the lowest price?

Imagine the brochure for Medical Insurance.  Doctor office co-pay $35. Co-pay at Walmart $15.  The Medical Insurance carriers already offer preferred co-pays.  BlueCross/BlueShield of Florida offers lower co-pay on their Medigap and Medicare Advantage Medical Insurance plans if you use a certain drug store.  Just think busy Mom’s can go to Walmart and do the week’s grocery shopping, pick up some new shoes for Johnny, fill Dad’s prescription, get fitted for a new pair of glasses, and get everyone a flu shot all at the same place.  What’s not to love?  It would save money for doctors, too.  No longer have to rent office space.  Oh, and here’s a good one.  Remember the long boring wait at the doctor’s office?  First you wait in the waiting room where at least you have a magazine to look at and t hen you wait in the examining room where its freezing and you have no magazine to read.  Your Medical Insurance plan will now allow you to go shopping while waiting to see the doctor.   Maybe even sit in on a class about healthy living while you’re there.  Might as well make good use of your time, huh?  Don’t forget to pick up the toilet paper.

Medical Insurance carriers and doctor’s organizations have been screaming about the upcoming shortage of family care doctors.  Just imagine for a moment how many patients they could see in a day at Walmart.  Heck, some of them are even open 24/7.  Shift workers would now have a chance to actually use their Medical Insurance.  And, what about the truck drivers that are always on the road.  As long as they purchase a Medical Insurance plan that is good nationally they could get the oil changed in the truck and while they are waiting hop on over to Walmart and get a blood test!

This is from : “The nation’s largest retailer sent out a request for potential partners last month that would help the store become “the largest provider of primary care services in the nation,” according to NPR and Kaiser Health News.”

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