At least 100 people in Texas have tested positive for tuberculosis (TB).  So, still don’t think you need Medical Insurance, huh?  People tell me that all the time.  They say they are healthy and never go to the doctor.  I ask them if they could please tell me what was going to happen to me tomorrow.  Or in the next five minutes for that matter.  Medical Insurance protects you from the unknowable.  Sure, healthy living is important and is shouted from every bully pulpit they have in America.  Healthy living and the well care visits we get with our Medical Insurance at no charge today helps to prevent diseases from happening to us.  No amount of healthy living can prevent TB if you are in range of an infected person.  Like on a train, plane, or bus, in school, or dormitories.  I hope you are not in prison because people get infected with TB quite frequently also. The inmates are treated with medical care but they do not have Medical Insurance.

Tuberculosis happens when the tuberculosis bacteria is inhaled and enters the lungs.  You can’t see it.  The tuberculosis bacteria then multiply and cause a lung infection called pneumonia.  Sometimes folks need to be treated in a hospital when they get pneumonia.  And guess what they need if they go to the hospital?  That’s right, Medical Insurance.  TB can also get into your lymph nodes, and can spread to other parts o f your body.  It’s a nasty disease and you need to have health insurance to be able to overcome it.  TB is curable with the use of drugs. Tuberculosis is one of the oldest diseases in the world and it has taken the lives of many people before the vaccine was discovered. has a very good article about the history of Tuberculosis.  “The study of tuberculosis, sometimes known as phthisiatry, dates back to “The Canon of Medicine” written by Ibn Sina (Avicenna) in the 1020’s.  He was the first physician to identify pulmonary tuberculosis as a contagious disease, the first to recognize the association with diabetes, and the first to suggest that it could spread through contact with soil and water.  He developed the method of quarantine in order to limit the spread of tuberculosis.  In ancient times, treatments focused on sufferers’ diets.  Pliny the Elder described several methods in his “Natural History”: “wolf’s liver taken in thin wine, the lard of a sow that has been fed upon grass, or the flesh of a she-ass taken in broth”.

Tuberculosis was often referred to as the “wasting disease”.  TB literally consumes the lungs of those infected causing them to drown in their own blood.  Today, with modern medicine and with the help of Medical Insurance many lives are saved and it is not necessary to drink “wolf’s liver taken in thin wine.”  Aren’t you thankful for Medical Insurance and vaccinations?

Medical Insurance