Living in South Florida, it’s a place where you can wear your “summer clothes” year ‘round cause of the warm climate. There are plenty of beautiful beaches, and lots of beautiful, sexy women.  Apparently, this has lead to an increasing love affair with the derriere.  I would warn you that objectifying part of a woman’s body may not be the most respectful thing you could do.  However, this blog is not about that particular issue.  This blog is about what lengths some women will go to improve upon what nature gave them and bowing to the current beliefs about what makes women attractive to look at.  On the outside.

Individual Medical Insurance, or for that matter, group Medical Insurance, will not pay for augmentation to your tooshie unless it became damaged or injured by disease or in an accident.  The Gluteus Maximus is the largest muscle in the body and as we age it becomes covered in fat.  Medical Insurance carriers don’t care about that.  Thong lifts, and perfect bikini bottoms are not something they will cover.  Say what you will about thongs, they are very popular in South Florida.  And, you must admit that a fat covered Gluteus Maximus is not a very attractive sight. Your Medical Insurance provider doesn’t care.

A story in the news recently and from Miami naturally, tells the story of a young woman who wanted to improve her “curves” in order to get a job in one of the local nightclubs.  In Miami, a Dr. Mendieta, whose web site is enjoys a fine reputation.  If you check out the site y ou will notice that there are no tabs that say click here for “Medical Insurance accepted”.  There is a button to click to submit your credit card information.  And, Dr. Mendieta is running a special just to the end of the year.  Yes, you too can obtain Brazilian Buttocks for the minor investment of just $11,000.  Have your heart set on the Miami Thong Lift?  It’ll set you back a tad more at $14,500.  If just lifting and no fat grafting is required you can get yourself a new bodacious butt for a mere $8500.  One of the nice things about no Medical Insurance required is you don’t need to mess around with finding out if the doctor, clinic, or hospital are in your Medical Insurance network. Also, no Medical Insurance deductible insurance to meet.

The young woman mentioned above was unable to afford Dr. Mendieta but she was unlucky enough to find a transgender woman named Oneal Ron Morris.  Ms. Morris also did not accept Medical Insurance but she charged a much more affordable price of just $700 for a series of injections.  The injections included a concoction shot into her backside that included cement, and “fix-a-flat”.  The injections were sealed with super glue.  Eventually the young woman became very ill, and had to go to the Emergency Room.  I am willing to bet she did not own a Medical Insurance policy when she went to the ER.  The irony of the story is that the ER charges probably exceeded Dr. Mendieta’s  bargain of $8500.  Ms. Morris has been arrested for, among other things, practicing medicine without a license.

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