The Patient Affordable Care Act is giving you more control over your family’s health care by expanding your options for health insurance. Some of the effects of health care reform have already taken place in September of 2010.

1. Insurance companies are prohibited from imposing lifetime dollar limits on essential coverage.

2. Job-based health plans and new individual plans won’t be allowed to deny or exclude coverage for your children (under age 19) based on a pre-existing condition including a disability.

3. If you have children under age 26, you can generally insure them if your policy allows for dependent coverage. The only exception is if you have an existing job-based plan, and your children can get their own job-based coverage.

So, will these changes have an impact on health insurance premiums? Some health care reform advocates seem to think that the reform will bring lower health insurance premiums while others believe that health insurance premiums will increase by as much as 45%. Only time will tell. We will keep you posted as the reform develops further.