Can we put a price on the life of someone we love or for that matter any human being? This is a true story as reported in the Orlando Sentinel on March 16, 2011. A 49 year old man from Palm City, Florida with a wife and two children had a painful toothache. He had been self-employed in the construction industry, making a good living, when the bottom fell out of the construction business. He did not have an individual family plan policy to cover himself, his wife and his two children. When the toothache made its presence known he treated it himself with massive doses of over-the-counter acetaminophen and ibuprofen to deal with the pain. Some days he would take eight pills in one day causing fatal damage to his liver and kidneys. He was seen at Martin Memorial Medical Center where he was told he needed a liver transplant. They donʼt perform transplants there and transferred him to Florida Hospital in Orlando. His wife was informed that the liver transplant would cost $195,000.00. Without medical insurance a 50% down payment was required up front. His wife was able to contact her representatives in congress who arranged for him to have Medicaid. He died Thursday at Florida Hospital where he suffered damage to his brain before a transplant became possible.

As a licensed insurance broker I speak to people all day long about the value of medical insurance. I bet every broker I know could tell the same story…. time after time people will say something like “I’m healthy. Nothing will happen to me.” The economy in the United States is going through a rough time right now, no doubt about it. However I know families who have boats, big houses, fancy cars and big vacations and no medical insurance. After this story it sounds rather silly but would you rather have your loved ones alive and well or a trip to the Bahamas?

Health insurance premiums are rising. That’s no excuse to not have protection for you and your family. A high deductible health plan will have a lower premium so if you need a liver transplant, you won’t have to come up with $195,000.00. Maybe just $15,000, that leaves $180,000.00 for the insurance carrier to pay. Those are the kinds of odds

Vegas loves. Health premiums for individual family plan insurance can be shopped around with a variety of carriers by a licensed broker. Why not call one right now? While you’re at it ask about the very low cost dental insurance available from BlueCross BlueShield of Florida.