Expecting?  Perhaps you are expecting two little bundles of bliss. Having Medical Insurance could never be more important.  Even if you are young and healthy your pregnancy will be considered “high risk”. Medical Insurance which provides good prenatal care can help to protect both you and your babies throughout the pregnancy. When you are expecting twins you should see your doctor once a month for the first 24 weeks.  Most pregnancy Medical Insurance coverage will cover those prenatal visits with either a small co-pay or no co-pay.  After the first 24 weeks are up you’ll be paying a visit to your doctor about every other week until you get to 32 weeks.  After 32 weeks it will be weekly (or more often) after that.  That’s because a multiple pregnancy increases your chances of a premature birth.  Premature birth is when the baby is born before 37 weeks.  Preemies need lots of care sometimes in the ICU unit until they are a little stronger.  If that happens with your two bundles of joy you will be grateful to your Medical Insurance carrier.  ICU charges can run into the many thousands of dollars per day.

Your Medical Insurance will also cover the prenatal tests that women carrying single babies receive, you’ll just have the tests earlier and more often.  You should be prepared to have five or more ultrasounds.  Most moms-to-be don ’t know they are carrying twins when they select their obstetrician.  You might want to consider seeing a perinatologist.  That’s a specialist who specializes in high-risk pregnancies.  Seeing a specialist should also be covered by your Medical Insurance carrier.  Some Medical Insurance carriers charge more for specialists and some do not.  Be sure to read your Medical Insurance policy to find out.

In case you are wondering how carrying twins happened, heres how.  I got some help on this part from the Tech Museum of Stanford School of Medicine.  Identical twins come from the same fertilized egg and are sometimes called monozygotic.  That means they share the same genes, and DNA, which is why it so hard to tell them apart.  Except for their Mom’s and Dads’s of course.  The twins came to be around the eighth day after the egg and sperm met, and the fertilized egg split in two.  The two “halves” of the egg then grow into identical twins.

Fraternal twins come from two different eggs and are sometimes called dizygotic.  They are usually like any two siblings except they were born at the same time.  In order to produce fraternal twins mom releases more than one egg at a time.  The resulting twins are from the two eggs getting fertilized and growing in the uterus at the same time.  Fraternal twins don’t look any more alike than any other siblings look alike.  Sometimes fraternal twins are a boy and a girl.


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