There are many sports in America where children are able to compete year around.  Especially in the warmer climates like Florida.  Soccer is very popular in Florida for both boys and girls.  Before your children start to play sports you should have a Medical Insurance plan in place.  In the last twelve years sports related knee injuries have increased a whopping 400 percent in young athletes.  That’s according to a group of orthopedic surgeons from The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  They recently presented their findings to a meeting of the American Academy of Pediatrics in Boston.

Don’t have Medical Insurance for your favorite young athlete?  With a 400 percent increase in knee injuries you had better get some if you don’t already have a Medical Insurance policy for your kids.  One of the reasons the doctors cited for such a huge increase was the advances in imaging services to help diagnose meniscus tears and ACL injuries in the knee.  Without Medical Insurance an MRI alone could cost you a thousand bucks.  That’s just the MRI.  Orthopedic surgeons don’t come cheap.  But, if you have a Medical Insurance plan with doctor co-pays for specialists you should have a co-pay of anywhere between $35 and $50.

Children can have a better chance of getting injured then adults.  That’s because they mature at different rates and when they play team sports the kids they play with and compete against come in all sizes.  This from “As kids grow bigger and stronger, the potential for injury increases, largely because of the amount of force involved.  For example, a collision between two 8-year-old Pee-Wee football players who weight 65 or 70 pounds each does not produce as much force as that produced by two 16-year-old high school football players who may each weigh up to 200 pounds”.

That 200 pound force landing on your 16 year-old kids knee could cause a lot of damage.  Best to have some health insurance don’t you think?

If one of your offspring does get injured the surgery is just the beginning.  The road to recovery may be a long one.  That road most definitely will need physical therapy.  Having a good Medical Insurance plan will help to cover the costs for physical therapy and any durable medical equipment like crutches that you may need. Wikipedia offers up some information on what to expect in rehab after knee surgery.  “Improving range of motion, after knee surgery, depending on the severity and what structures are injured, there may be significant loss of range of motion.  Also, some type of exercise to work on improving knee motion should be performed.”  Usually Medical Insurance will offer you a co-pay for physical therapy.  Depending on what kind of medical insurance plan you have you may or may not have to meet the deductible in be eligible for the co-pay.  That’s an important question to ask a medical insurance broker when gathering Health Insurance Quotes.

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