Don’t ever let it be said that there is not good news on this website.  I know we talk a lot about Medical Insurance plans and how you have to medically qualify for them.  How your Health Insurance Quotes will be more expensive if your BMI is too high.  We tell you over and over how important it is to have Medical Insurance.  We explain that you may choose a High Deductible Health Plan and still, with some policies, see your doctor without having to have paid the deductible.

So, here is some news you’re just going love.  It’s okay to have a glass of wine with dinner!  A beer at the ball game.  A toast for the new bride and groom.  Pay a visit to the 19th hole with your buddies after a game of golf.  Have a glass of sherry on a cold winter’s night, or an icy cold daiquiri on a cruise to the Caribbean. Love and enjoy having a glass of champagne at intermission of a play?  Indulge. Health insurance quotes will not go into the stratosphere if you indulge.  A little.

Medical Insurance carriers have done some research and here’s another reason to celebrate.  Drinking is actually good for you.  Now, before you get too excited remember the key word: MODERATION.  Also, I would be remiss if I did not mention that there are other ways of joyously celebrating without taking a single sip of anything containing alcohol.  But, for those of you who enjoy a glass of the bubbly now and then; there has been some new studies that were presented at the American Heart Association Meeting.

Without further ado, from the website Zest Now,   “Researchers found that women who had one or two drinks most days of the week had a 28% improved chance of good health at age 70, meaning that they did not have cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other diseases or physical impairments and problems with memory or mental health.” That’s music to Medical Insurance companies’ ears.

Additionally, the article went on to say, “In a second study women who drank up to one drink a day had a 20% reduction in the risk of stroke compared with women who didn’t drink at all.  Any level of alcohol was associated with a lower risk of stroke.  Researchers believe that alcohol helps the body metabolize glucose more efficiently, in addition to reducing the risk of blood clots.

Dr. Qui Sun, found that women drinking most days were healthier than women who drank one or two days a week, which frequently resulted in binge drinking.  Consumption wasn’t cumulative; the women couldn’t safely avoid drinking during the week and then have a great many drinks on the weekend.”  When filing out an application some Medical Insurance carriers actually ask you how many drinks a week you have.

The American Heart Association defines a drink as a 140-milliliter (5 ounces) for a glass of wine, 340-milliliters for beer )11 1/2 ounces) or 30 milliliters (one ounce) for hard alcohol.

SLANTE! (To Your Health!)

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