S’Empiffrer does not mean Medical Insurance premiums in French.  But, have you noticed that everything sounds better in French?  I don’t know why.  I just guess there is a certain je ne sais quoi to the way the words sound.  For example the headline above sounds, and even looks, romantic.  Guess what it means?  Literally “to pig out”. Doctors, our waist line and our health plans are generally not supportive of us when we decide to pig out.  Pig out too much and you might not qualify for individual health plans.  You may think that high deductible health plans may be the answer.  You would be wrong.  High Deductible Health Plan will help to lower the Health Insurance Quotes but you have to qualify for those also.  One of the tools that insurance carriers use is a height and weight chart.  Every company has different ranges but if you don’t fall within the guidelines they have set up you will be denied coverage with that particular carrier.  For instance with Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Florida a 6’2” male may not weight more than 287 pounds and a 5’7” woman may not weight more than 229 pounds.     So let’s say you are a 5’7” female and you weigh 236 pounds.  You go on a diet and now weigh 227 pounds.  Congratulations!  In order for BCBSFL to insure you, however, you must have maintained that weight for twelve consecutive mo nths.

One of the hardest things to do is to maintain healthy eating habits when eating in a restaurant.  The things on the menu all sound so good.  Especially the things that have the most calories and fat.  And, wonder of wonders you don’t have to lift a single finger.  You tell the server what you want and they bring it to you all cooked and everything.  Ever wonder how society came to dining out?  I mean during early civilization people were just happy to have a fire to cook by.  After looking around the web to see how we came from eating at home to going to restaurants guess where it all started?  In France, of course.  Which is probably why so many words associated with food are French?  From the web site Social Issues Research Centre “Regular eating out, and eating out for status with special foods reserved for the occasion, is a predominantly French institution of the Industrial Revolution.

Health Day has some tips on how to dine out the healthy way.

  •  Opt for an entree salad or other healthy dish that includes something from each of the main food groups.
  • If choosing a sandwich, top it with fresh vegetables and low-fat condiments or salad dressings.
  • Choose healthy side dishes, such as a baked potato topped with vegetables, as side salad, or some fruit.  Skip the fries.
  • Choose low-calorie dishes.
  • Eat only a portion of your meal, saving the rest for later.

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