Meet your surgeon, Dr. Robot!   Now, don’t get all excited thinking you and your Medical Insurance carrier will not have to pay physicians fees should you need surgery and decide to let Dr. Robot perform it.  Robotic surgery is performed with a doctor guiding the robot. Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up.  The surgeon will make tiny cuts in your skin and then will direct the operation from a computer.  For many patients, robotic surgery reduces hospital stays, (color your Medical Insurance carrier happy), cuts down on blood loss and post-operative complications, (color you happy) and, coloring you happy again, allows you to return to work and your normal routines more quickly.

Dr. David Samadi, Vice Chairman, Department of Urology and Chief of Invasive Surgery at The Mount Sinai Medical Center is a prostate cancer treatment and robotic prostatectomy expert.  Here is some of what PR Newswire is reporting: “Dr. Samadi, who has been performing robotic prostatectomy procedures for ten years, is sensitive to the concerns about the technology.  “The equipment is costly, but in the hands of the right surgeon it can save lives”.  Historically, procedures like prostrate gland removal were done through invasi ve, open abdominal surgery.  Blood loss was significant and visibility was hindered.  “Now, using robotic surgery, I can remove the prostrate and all evidence of cancer with enhanced visibility and greater precision.”  Dr. Samadi also reminds patients that technology alone is not the key to success.  Choosing a surgeon with a solid foundation in open and laparoscopic surgery, as well as extensive robotic surgery experience, is a must.”  Has your doctor told you need surgery? If you are thinking about robotic surgery remember that you must go to a hospital and use a doctor that is in your Medical Insurance network.  Also, you are responsible for the deductible and any co-insurance that your Medical Insurance policy dictates.

One of the biggest medical expenses you and your Medical Insurance carrier will ever have is surgery.  If you are searching around for Health Insurance Quotes you will notice that the Medical Insurance broker will always ask if your doctor has informed you that you need surgery.  If you do need surgery, you can stop getting Health Insurance Quotes until the surgery is completed and you are released from your doctor’s care.  Medical Insurance providers will not issue you a policy if you are pending surgery.

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