Health plans do not have a touching benefit.  Your Health Insurance Premiums will not go up due to a lack of touch.  Senior health plans don’t provide touch therapy.  Finally, something you don’t need a Medical Insurance plan for!  But, in a way, you sort of do.  A lack of touch can cause depression and heartache.  It can take the stuffing right out of a person. Did you know that human babies will fail to thrive, may even die, if they are not touched?  As a matter of fact there would be no more babies without the sense of touch.  That’s because nerve endings in the skin and other parts of the body transmit sensations to the brain.  Some parts of the body have a larger number of nerve endings and, therefore are more sensitive.  The fingertips and the sexual organs have the greatest concentration of nerve endings.  The sexual organs have “erogenous zones” that when stimulated start a series of endocrine reactions and motor responses resulting in orgasm.

Have you ever wondered how your sense of touch works?  Who hasn’t picked up something very hot and burned your fingers?  This from “While your other four senses (sight, hearing smell, and taste) are located in specific parts off the body, your sense of touch is found all over.  This is because your sense of touch originates in the bottom layer of your skin called the dermis.  The dermis is filled with many tiny nerve endings which give you information about the things with which your body comes in contact.  They do this by carrying the information to the spinal cord, which sends messages to the brain where the feeling is registered.”  Thinkquest also offers up some interesting facts about touch:

  • You have more pain nerve endings than any other type.
  • The least sensitive part of your body is the middle of your back
  • The most sensitive areas of your body are your hands, lips, face, neck and feet
  • Shivering is a way your body has of trying to get warmer
  • There are about 100 touch receptors in each of your fingertips
  • Rattlesnakes use their skin to feel the body heat of other animals

There is a condition you can get that affects your sense of touch that health plans can help with.  It’s called Congenital Insensitivity to Pain with Anhidrosis.  It is a very rare disease and causes you to lose your sense of pain.  Treatments for CIPA do not always work but there is a chemical called naloxone that has shown to be effective.  Thank goodness that CIPA is extremely rare.  There are only about 84 documented living cases in the United States.