Medical insurance that is offered to you where you work generally includes maternity coverage. Individual Medical Insurance never does.  You have to apply for a separate maternity rider.  If you are shopping around for Health Insurance Quotes and you are already pregnant I have some not so good news.  A person must qualify for individual Medical Insurance and one of the qualifications is that you NOT be pregnant when first applying for individual Medical Insurance.  Not only that but anyone who lives with a pregnant woman will be unable to qualify for individual Medical Insurance.  All expectant fathers, whether they live with the mom to be or not will also not qualify for individual Medical Insurance.

Here is something else you should know.  Let’s say you already have one child.  During that pregnancy if you had complications related to pregnancy, the Medical Insurance underwriters may deny you the opportunity to add a pregnancy rider to an individual plan.  When getting Health Insurance Quotes and you want to add pregnancy, be sure to tell your broker about any complications.

While Medical Insurance certainly is very important to have while pregnant, there are some things you can do for yourself to make pregnancy a more enjo yable and stress free experience.  One of the things most women remember about being pregnant is the awful, bone crushing fatigue. has some tips on how to feel more rested during pregnancy and assist your doctor and Medical Insurance company in feeling the best that you can.

  • “Sleep on your left side with pillows between your knees, under your belly or wherever you need support.
  • Go to bed at the same time each night, and get up at the same time each morning.
  • Go to bed a bit earlier when you feel very tired.
  • Take a nap during the day if you can’t get enough sleep at night.
  • Drink most of your fluids earlier in the day, limiting them at night.

The March of Dimes claims that most women “are more tired than usual during pregnancy especially during early and late pregnancy”.  The main reason for this is because your body is “producing new hormones and making a lot of changes to prepare for the hard work ahead.”  Hopefully, you have Medical Insurance to help pay for the prenatal and hospital expenses associated with giving birth.  There are some things to do though to make you more comfortable.  Check out the March of Dimes web site for some helpful ideas.  And, while that little darling is still just a twinkle in your eye, get yourself some Medical Insurance.  You will be glad you did.