November 12 is World Pneumonia Day.  According to the CDC every 20 seconds, somewhere in the world, a child dies from pneumonia.  Pneumonia is a preventable disease through vaccination and appropriate treatment.

Pneumonia is an infection in the lungs.  Sometimes it’s viral and sometimes it’s caused by bacteria.  Pneumonia occurs when the bacteria or the viruses get stuck in the lungs.  The germs form an infected area by multiplying.

I spoke to a lady one time who was gathering Health Insurance Quotes for her family.  She had a couple of kids and one of them was around three at the time.  I remember that it was in the summer because we were talking about the fourth of July.  At the time she and her family had no Medical Insurance.  Her three-year-old had a cough for a few weeks but she did not take him to the doctor.  Since they had no Medical Insurance and it was summer time she figured the baby just had a cold.  One day he woke up and didn’t look so good.  She took his temperature and it was like 104.  She and her husband rushed the baby to the emergency room.  I’ll never forget what she said.  She said, “They almost lost him”.  Can you imagine the heart ache and worry these parents went through?  Their baby was really sick.  He almost di ed.  He was placed in intensive care.  They had no Medical Insurance.  The baby was in the hospital for three days.  These young parents with no health insurance owed $88,000.

Medical insurance for a family of four can be obtained starting at around $400 per month.  The Medical Insurance policy will cover doctor visits, prescriptions and all well care visits that are recommended by the CDC.  That would include vaccinations.  Medical Insurance policies come with deductibles.  The deductible is something the insured pays before the Medical Insurance carrier pays anything.  However, deductibles only have to be paid if you are hospitalized, have surgery, or outpatient testing.

$88,000 divided by $4800 (yearly cost of Medical Insurance) comes out to 18.8 years. What those parents are paying for one hospital bill for one child because they did not have Medical Insurance would be the same that they would pay for their entire family to have Medical Insurance for 18.3 years!   Now, perhaps you might have to add a few more bucks for the Medical Insurance carriers rate increases but I am sure you get the idea.  A good Medical Insurance broker will shop your Medical Insurance policy for you every year to make sure that you have the best policy for the least amount of premium.

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