Anyone remember that old Alka-Seltzer ad?  It goes “Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz, Oh, what a relief it is.”  Catchy jingle, but are there hangover remedies that really do work?

Before we get to that lets understand what a hangover is in medical terms.  Mayo Clinic describes a hangover as “a group of unpleasant signs and symptoms that can develop after drinking too much alcohol.  As if feeling awful weren’t bad enough, hangover is also associated with poor performance and conflict at work.  As a general rule, the more alcohol you drink, the more likely you are to have a hangover the next day.  But there’s no magic formula to tell you how much you can safely drink and still avoid a hangover.  However unpleasant, most hangovers go away on their own, though they can last longer than 24 hours.  If you choose to drink alcohol, doing so responsibly can help you avoid future hangovers.”

You won’t be denied Medical Insurance coverage if you drink alcohol. But there are medical situations that could arise that could cause you a medical insurance problem.  One of those would be alcohol poisoning which is a life threatening emergency.  It can be so dangerous that if you notice any of the following symptoms (again from Mayo Clinic) call 911 right away.

  • Confusion or stupor, as if in a daze
  • Vomiting that persists
  • Seizures
  • Slow breathing (less than eight breaths a minute)
  • Irregular breathing
  • Blue-tinged skin or pale skin
  • Low body temperature (hypothermia)
  • Unconsciousness – “passing out”

Why can alcohol cause you a Medical Insurance problem?  As stated above if you notice any of the symptoms above to call 911 right away.  I am assuming that the person who calls 911 is a friend, loved one, or family member.  The person who is drunk gets taken to the ER.  This is the part where the Medical Insurance comes in.  If you have Medical Insurance… great!  Your Medical Insurance policy probably has a facility fee for the emergency room.  That means that if you are NOT admitted to the hospital you will pay a separate fee over and above your Medical Insurance deductible just for going to the ER.   Could be as much as $500 or more.  On top of that your Medical Insurance policy will not pay anything until you meet the deductible.  Have a $5000 deductible?  Could be a very expensive “good time”.  I would also like to mention that you could die.

And, now to answer the question “are there any hangover remedies that work?”

There is a new player in town called Blowfish.  According to the Blowfish web site Blowfish “is an effervescent, morning-after hangover remedy that combines caffeine with a maximum strength pain reliever to address the major symptoms associated with a hangover (pain and fatigue).  Blowfish also works for non-hangover pain and fatigue.”

No Medical Insurance required for Blowfish.  It is an over-the-counter remedy.  Plop, plop, fizz, fizz…

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