A milestone in the life of parent and child is the departure day for college. So much of a young person’s life is spent in preparation for that day. All the things you do to get into a “good” college; studying hard in school, playing sports, and joining service clubs. Naturally, parents want to protect their young adults with Medical Insurance plans. Perhaps in the packet of information from the college is some information about Medical Insurance premiums, maybe some different plan options like the high deductible health plans. You sort of think, gee z Health Insurance Quotes can be so expensive and this one from the college looks pretty good. You read over the literature and the benefits look ok as far as you can tell. Oh, and look, the coverage includes the student health center. Perfect. Except, maybe not. Here are things about health plans from colleges I would like you to consider before you sign on the bottom line. The monthly premiums are expensive. Some of the plans are indemnity plans. That means they pay a flat, fixed rate for a medical service provided regardless of its actual cost. If your plan says it will pay $10 for preventative care, that’s what it will pay even if the bill is $250. How about your daughter Sally Ann breaks her leg during a soccer game at college, there is a good chance that the only doctors her policy will cover are the ones in the student health center. If Sally Ann ends up in the ER because she got hurt at an away game, guess who pays the doctor bills? Hint: Not the insurance carrier.

Here is a very interesting article from the NAICU (National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities).  “Health insurance plans for college students often rip off the students that they claim to serve, a New York State investigation into the policies offered by more than 65 institutions has found.  Among the problems identified by Attorney General Cuomo and his staff over the course of a 17 – month examination: policies that don’t pay for primary care services or prescription drugs, overpriced premiums for the benefits they provide, and a typical coverage exclusions, like not paying for injuries related to alcohol or suicide attempts.  The attorney general has also unearthed conflicts of interest and unethical payments made to colleges by health insurance-related companies seeking to do business with them.”

Before Sally Ann packs her bags and takes off, please give us a call at Insurance Medics.  We will be happy to provide you with a FREE, no obligation quote so you may compare with the one your school is offering.